Knife Steam Tip

Brand: Sproline

Steam tip for espresso machines

The concept of a knife-shaped steam tip originates from research done by Shojiro Saito from Japan, who several years ago came up with the idea of brewing high quality teas on an espresso machine.

The "Hydrodynamic Cavitation" process

Shojiro Saito's concept is based on Hydrodynamic Cavitation, a process which occurs in liquids when bubbles form and implode in pump systems or around propellers. Pumps put liquid under pressure, but if the pressure of the substance drops or its temperature increases, it begins to vaporize just like boiling water. Yet in such a small, sensitive system, the bubbles can't escape so they implode and this implosion creates what we refer to as nano-bubbles. This process, as it relates to tea and coffee milk steaming, was recently provided a patent in Japan. 

What is unique about this method is that it creates high and low pressure zones on the output side of the tip which produce Hydrodynamic Cavitation and thus an implosion of the smaller micro-bubbles created when steaming milk. The bubbles create such a tight bond that the structure creates a glossy surface to the milk that holds shape and pattern for a very long time. The effect of the nano-bubble structure also keeps the gas bubbles of the coffee from escaping the surface of the beverage and damaging the latte art and/or foam structure on top of the beverage.

Independent coffee houses and baristas around the world have been learning of this new methodology and are blown away by the quality of the milk created by these tips.

According to the manufacturer the Sproline Foam Knife steam tip will only fit commercial La Marzocco, Synesso and Slayer espresso machines without the use of adapters. The use of an adapter allows fitting to Nuova Simonelli equipment - however they DO fit directly onto the Nuova Simonelli "Oscar" model with no adapter.

We have heard (unofficially) however, that they also fitted on some ECM and VBM models (it is recommended to check the suitability first)


Made in Japan

Weight: 0.15 kg