"DANESI" Cappuccino Cup


Cappuccino cup with saucer

*special import* (limited quantity)

In 1905 Alfredo Danesi established a coffee roasting business in Rome and presented his first coffee blend specialities. At the same time he opened a coffee house named “Nencini & Danesi” in Via Tomacelli in the heart of the town. Until 1926 several more cafes followed as well as new coffee blends. With particular acumen, Alfredo’s son Giovanni also opened further roasting facilities and developed the business into one of Italy’s major coffee trading houses. Today, the company is still family-owned and run. With a clear focus on quality, it is one of the most highly regarded roasters in the country, and its products are exported worldwide.

To underscore their corporate identity, Danesi recently commissioned coffee cups specially designed and produced for the firm. The very particular rounded shape of these cups and their oval saucer makes them stand out, yet they remain traditional in appearance. They are reasonably thick to preserve the heat.

(also available in espresso size)

Capacity:       150ml
Height:              60ml
Weight:           240g


Weight: 0.60 kg