"LEONE" Espresso Lungo - white (100ml)


Pack of 6 cups with saucers    

All I.P.A. products guarantee an excellent ability to highlight the aroma of the coffee. High resistance to thermal shocks from dishwashers, maximum resistance to scratches and impacts and absolute hygiene guaranteed by being perfectly water-proof.

The experience, research and scrupulous application of specific know-how give I.P.A. products unique characteristics, dedicated to users who require a maximum level of quality, indispensable in professional use. The quality hard feldspatic porcelain used is the best choice because it optimally synthesises resistance, hygiene and aesthetic features.

Unlike most other ceramic products manufacturers, I.P.A. uses scientifically measured very pure raw materials and fires its porcelain at high temperatures (1400 °C), in a controlled reduction atmosphere. 

The "Leone" espresso lungo cups have smooth rims which add to the drinking experience and their inner bottom is egg-shaped to "cradle" the coffee pour - their style is classy and modern. The espresso lungo can be used for "Piccolo Lattes"

Made in Italy.

Cup specifications:

Capacity:               100 ml (measured to the rim)
Diameter:                 68 mm
Height:                     70 mm
Cup weight:           136 g

Saucer diameter:   122 mm



Weight: 2.70 kg