"FAEMA Espresso 1945-2010" by Enrico Maltoni



The first and only book about the history of the famed espresso machines brand, it provides exhaustive information about its founder Carlo Ernesto Valente, the technological innovations pioneered by his company as well as the history of the social developments which changed Italian society and its habits in those years.

In the 1950s, FAEMA began with horizontal boiler, lever piston machines, which were typical of the time. In 1961, however, Faema released the E61, an espresso machine introducing many 'firsts' which are still commonly found in most espresso machines. The most significant was the delivery of pressurized water through a mechanical pump at approximately 9 bar, replacing the piston-lever designs of the 1950s.

FAEMA also produced the first automatic dispensing machines for offices and workplace, the first coloured coffee machines and the first ones to be used in homes. Yet at the same time, and paradoxically enough, FAEMA also produced the first freeze-dried coffee without using a coffee machine - long before Nestle turned this into one of their top-selling product lines.

The book is a journey across the history of customs and design, and one only an enthusiastic expert could write.

Product information:

Hardback (21 x 27.8 cm)
Size: 400 pages, with 500 images (of which 300 previously unpublished)
1st Edition (2009), Collezione Maltoni Editions
Languages: Italian / English / German

Weight: 2.20 kg