Tamper Skateboard 58.5mm - flat


Tamper with handle made from skateboard laminates, with stainless steel base

This tamper is produced in limited quantities only - the handle is made from recycled skateboard and the surface is sealed with with a smooth gloss. The result: a colorful, attractive tool - and each one is different!

The base, as all PESADO 58.5 bases, is designed to perfect the coffee tamping procedure: its diameter is 58.5mm with a precision machined 90 degree edge to maximise basket coverage. The edges are super sharp to extend the effective tamping area and get full coverage of the basket, leaving no residue. This maximises consistency and efficiency in a busy cafe environment.

Reducing untamped grounds means reducing the chance of channeling, and increasing consistency over the coffee puck will result in a more even extraction and a higher extraction yield.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

Weight: 0.90 kg