PESADO / IMS Precision Basket 28.5mm - ridgeless


Precision basket for 58mm group heads - H=28.5mm (equiv. 22g), ridgeless

PESADO has worked very closely with IMS in Italy to create a perfect basket with a strong focus on precision and consistency. When used with any 58.5mm tamper and especially the PESADO 58.5 Tamper, this basket extracts flawlessly with even and unrestricted flow.

PESADO baskets are laser cut, meaning an increased number of holes, with a funnel shape. These baskets are also elcetropolished, reducing friction and creating the smoothest finish possible.This combination of features maximises extraction flow, and reduces variations in extraction.

Made in Italy.


--> Before ordering, please check the measurements of your current baskets and handles (height) to ensure correct fitting



Weight: 0.40 kg