Tamper Handle "STONE AGE"


Tamper handle of marble - grey

This Tamper handle is made of Turkish marble. It has been carefully turned, polished and varnished to perfection, for ideal handling and to minimize wear and tear. Precision, style and smooth handling generate an enhanced sense of unity and harmony - with the unique look of shining marble!

A machined stainless steel disk makes it fit perfectly into all Concept Art / Joe Frex bases. These are sold separately, to let you match them to your requirements. The manufacturer recommends the models of the "classic" line (in stainless steel) which are heavier than the standard ones.

Currently available sizes "classic":   53.0mm, 58.0mm and 58.5mm

Made in Germany.

Height:             72 mm
Weight:          192 g

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Weight: 0.60 kg