"LILIUM" Espresso Cups 65ml


Pack of 6 espresso cups with saucers

Club House products are manufactured to the highest  industry standards and are ideal not only for use in F&B but also for demanding home baristas.

Selected quality materials (hard feldspatic porcelain) and a firing temperature of 1400°C - applied by only the best in class - ensure the durability of the product.

After extensive in-house research, the company has also mastered the challenge of smooth and even application of various colours at such high firing temperatures, whilst maintaining cost efficiency.

The "Lilium" model line not only features a neat and modern shape, but also an interesting interplay of colours.


Capacity:                 65 ml (measured to the rim)
Diameter:                 66 mm
Height:                     51 mm
Cup weight:           160 g (approx.)
Saucer diameter:   120 mm



Weight: 2.60 kg