Ancàp S.p.A. was established in 1964 in Sommacampagna near the town of Verona.

Its founder, Mr Giuseppe Boschini, was already renowned as an expert connoisseur of the porcelain market and porcelain decoration. He decided to become a producer himself and started the company under the sign of quality and creativity and in particular, with a strict "100% Made in Italy" policy. Within just a few years, it became a respected player in the market and today it is one of the major Italian quality producers.

Ancàp's products are made of hard porcelain i.e. a compound of Kaolin, Feldspar and Quartz with state-of-the-art technology. Only the highest quality materials are used and the products precision-fired at 1410 degrees Celsius to obtain a perfect fusion of the raw ingredients and a firm and dense end product. The porcelain is translucent white, very hard and able to withstand thermal shocks and impacts, making it ideal for F&B use.
Each cup is designed with particular care and with regular input and suggestions from professional baristas - and several Ancàp cups have been used as official cups in barista or latte championships.        

Having sold Ancàp cups almost since its beginnings in 2013, ESPRESSOCUPS has become their Singapore stockist in 2019 - carrying all their popular model lines which are enjoying a regular and growing demand.


Club House has been producing cups for the professional roasters market since 1992, using hard feldspatic porcelain and a firing temperature of 1400°C.

Growth has been strong, especially during the last 10 years, and with over 7 million pieces produced annually the Company is now one of the main European producers in the market, and can count many renowned companies as its clients.

The Company’s Head Office is located in Castegnato near Brescia, including the R&D, corporate showroom as well the logistics centre in addition to a warehouse of more than 4400 m². Production is being carried in China, where the Company has successfully been working with a trusted established partner for well over 15 years. The design and technical development as well as the marketing & distribution are located in Castegnato.  

ESPRESSOCUPS is happy to be Club House’s stockist in Southeast Asia. We particularly appreciate Club House’s know-how for the application of colours to cups to be fired at high temperatures. We carry a range of such coloured cups to satisfy the demand in the region.


Established in 1955, IPA ("Industria di Porcellane Artistiche") is a leader amongst Italy's porcelain cups manufacturers - producing hard porcelain cups for renowned roasters such as Lavazza and Illy Coffee, amongst others. Controlled and led by 4 members of the Sala family and located in Usmate Velate in Brianza (not far from Monza, near Milan) the company follows a century-old tradition of fine porcelain production in the region.

Today's manufacturing process is state-of-the-art, having replaced the former "tunnel" ovens with static chambers where temperatures of over 1400°C can be achieved. The company also prides itself of being leader in the application of images and decors on the cups: they have been chosen by Illy Coffee for the production of most of the recent collections of their well-known art series. IPA's own decorated collection cups series have also seen the involvement of numerous Italian artists.

IPA is a regular sponsor of international barista and latte art competitions. 

ESPRESSOCUPS carries a selection of IPA cup models, popular in the F&B sector as well as with coffee lovers at home.


Metallurgica Motta S.p.A. was founded in 1967 and has always specialised in the production of household and hospitality products in stainless steel.
Its wide range has allowed the Company to steadily expand both in Italy and worldwide. Not only a premier name for quality household and gift items, Motta is also a trusted and favoured brand for F&B equipment, produced to the specifications required by the professional industry. Experience and tradition, coupled with uncompromising quality and modern design are the foundations of Motta's success.
Their state-of-the-art factory premises of 14.000 square metres and equipped with the latest machinery make possible Motta’s wide range of products and guarantees the highest quality coupled with speedy consignment.

Espressocups is happy to be the premier Motta re-seller in Singapore - carrying practically their whole range of barista-related items, in particular their popular milk pitchers and tampers as well as many other tools and accessories.

Established in 1995, Concept Art is thoroughly dedicated to make life easier for coffee enthusiasts. It is a German manufacturer, specializing in high quality accessories for professional as well as home baristas.


Pesado is an Australian boutique manufacturer of precision barista tools. It was launched in 2015 by well-known equipment specialist Dolo with a new line of flat-bottomed tampers featuring a sharp 90-degree edge. Other items followed, like portafilters, precision baskets and shower screens (the latter two in close collaboration with IMS in Italy)
We are proud to stock practically all of their range in Singapore.



Cafelat is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer and supplier of high-end accessories for the niche coffee market. It was founded in 2008 by Paul Pratt, who has been involved in the coffee industry since 1995, having originally started as a barista.
Cafelat offers a complete range of professionally designed and innovative products, with new items being added each year. Particular focus is on superior quality materials, production techniques and quality control.
Today, Cafelat’s products are sold and appreciated around the world.

Based in Civita Castellana in the province of Viterbo, north of Rome, Nuova Point is one of the leading traditional names in the Italian porcelain industry primarily for the professional F&B sector and for coffee roasters. Since 1979 it focuses almost exclusively on cups production, with only a few accessories as complements. It applies the latest technological standards to constantly improve its products, which today are exported to some 32 countries around the world.
Espressocups carries the full range of Nuova Point cups available in Asia.     

Alfonso Bialetti who founded the firm in 1929 invented the "Moka", the iconic Italian stovetop coffee maker, in 1933. For decades it was by far their most important product, and a significant diversification into other household product lines began only towards the end of the last century. Today Bialetti is one of the major brands in the kitchen appliances field in Italy.
We have recently added the well-known "Moka" stovetop coffeemaker to our range.
To accompany their various models of coffee makers, Bialetti from time to time also commissioned series of decorated cups, most of which remain hard to find. We currently carry one set with a particularly attractive design, the "I Colorati" ("the coloured ones") which comes with cups in 6 different bright colours featuring the Bialetti logo in fine lines.
(see also our article on Bialetti under "Resources")

MENU (DENMARK)  “Scandinavian Design Originals”
Established in 1979 by Simon Hansen, Menu A/S is today a leading Danish design company, with a focus on premium kitchenware and products for the home and lifestyle in general.
Menu’s creations feature high-quality functional design, and amongst them there are various collections of classics and trend-setting novelties alike. There is a designer behind every Menu product, who aims to live up to the requirements of durability, surprise and multi-function. Clean and innovative lines leave the design idea to present itself in its pure form, combined with great craftsmanship.
The Verner Panton / Pernille Vea line carried by Espressocups was launched in 2008 and within short became one of Menu’s bestsellers - unfortunately it has been discontinued a few years ago and is now difficult to find in the market. Espressocups still has stock of some items of this line.

Similar to Menu, but established in 1994, Sagaform has grown to become one of Scandinavia’s leading names in tableware, kitchen, gifts and interiors. Sagaform works with some of Sweden’s top designers to produce high quality and innovative design. Function lies at the heart of their products and the way in which they present themselves.
Espressocups currently carries some of their cups and mugs.

This company, originally a manufacturer of stainless steel products has a long family history and a steep rise as a seller of design articles. After 1993, when Willo Blome joined the company SKS (Scheffer-Klute, Sundern founded in 1921), blomus® emerged as a trendsetting design brand. Since 2009 blomus GmbH has been operating as an independent company.
Today their catalogue offers a portfolio of 700 products from the areas garden, home, taste and spa, presenting the fascinating world of blomus® products: they are cool and likeable, practical and elegant, timeless and bold. blomus products do not age. While they demonstrate a self-assured presence, they always remain unobtrusive.
We have selected some of their spoons as elegant complements to coffee cups and glasses. 

ASA Selection stands for a modern and straight forward design. Founded 30 years ago in Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany the ceramic company belongs to the leading companies in the industry. Meanwhile its collections were expanded to design oriented living- and lifestyle accessories. As a global player the company covers markets worldwide with constantly new innovations and is represented in 80 countries, partly with own agencies.
Espressocups currently carries their coffee spoons range.