Welcome to the Espressocups website!

Time really flies - ESPRESSOCUPS started trading in March 2013 which means we are now already more than 8 years in operation! It has been a time filled with new experiences but also a full success overall - and I would like to thank everybody for their support and encouragement, with many enthusiastically welcoming a shop of this kind in Singapore! But above all I have to thank my wife for (still) bearing with me and for fully supporting the idea. Thanks also go to many friends and relatives who have helped at various stages.

ESPRESSOCUPS was the first seller of quality barista-grade cups in Singapore, serving cafes and restaurants as well as home baristas. The coffee scene in Asia continues to be vibrant, with the opening of more and more cafes, and with more and more people taking interest in good coffee, attending coffee appreciation and barista courses - and eventually buying their home coffee brewing equipment. We frequently see "upgraders" who replace their machines with more sophisticated ones, as their demands for quality rise.

Having bought a good machine and a good grinder, it is also important to operate with good quality cups. Be it for heat retention properties or durability, professional cups with the typical characteristics are the obvious choice. At ESPRESSOCUPS you will find a wide range of quality hard porcelain cups: high-fired, and some with thick walls, to satisfy the demanding coffee addict. ESPRESSOCUPS' main focus is now on brands like IPA, d'Ancàp, Club House and Nuova Point.

We also carry a large number of decorated cup collections, most of which are available both in espresso and cappuccino (tea) format: they are of the same barista quality, but each with attractive series of motifs.  These are limited editions and make ideal gifts, but can of course also be for own enjoyment...!

In recent years we have also substantially expanded our range of barista accessories, consisting of milk pitchers, tampers, tamping mats and may more items. We carry the whole range of the popular Motta pitchers and other barista items, and products by ILSA, Cafelat, DVG, Rhinowares and Joe Frex are rounding off our selection.

We're also proud to be the offical local re-seller of PESADO 58.5 products, which are all of outstanding quality. In particular their tampers and portafilters are highly regarded internationally.

Whilst we are happy to ship your purchases to you (you can simply order through the website), you're also welcome to visit my store, as I am sure many of you will prefer to see (and feel) the actual products before deciding on a purchase.

As this is still a small venture and I might not be in the store at all times, please make sure you call or sms before visiting - thanks! Equally, I trust you will understand that at the shop I can for the time being still accept only PayNow or cash payments, due to the high cost of credit/debit cards arrangements.

Please continue to give me any kind of feedback on ESPRESSOCUPS’ selection and service, as it will help me to better understand your preferences or issues (if any). As they say, if you experience a problem tell us, but if you're happy tell your friends! 

I wish everyone a happy and successful 2021 - despite the adverse current (Covid) circumstances - and

Espresso Yourself!

Sincerely, Martin  (August 2021)