"VERONA" BLACK RIM Cappuccino Cups L 260ml


Pack of 6 cups with saucers with black painted rims

Like all Ancap cups the "Palermo" are made of best quality hard feldspatic porcelain, fired at high temperature (1410 degrees Celsius). The resulting beautiful white porcelain and the high translucency as well as a smooth finish makes them some of the best and sought after cups in the roasters market. The high firing temperature renders them extremely durable and they will resist washing without discoloration or alteration of the glossy surface.

These painted-rim cups and saucers are a recent addition to Ancap's classic Palermo series. The coloring of this series is paint applied by pasting brush around the rim of the cup and the saucer. The cups are then kiln-fired again hot enough for the paint to be fully incorporated into the glaze of the cup, resulting in a smooth finish that is dishwasher safe. In opting to go with paint over a decal, Ancap has been able to keep the colour clear and vibrant. The black on white contrast creates a sophisticated and elegant look.

Made in Italy at Ancap's facilities in Sommacampagna (VR)

Capacity:             260ml
Height:                 6.5cm
Diameter at top:   9.7cm
Weight (cup):       350g


Weight: 4.20 kg