"The Professional Barista's Handbook" by Scott Rao



The author's concise, down to earth descriptions make this book very easy to follow and make it possible for even a novice to become an expert in a short period of time. The instructions are very detailed, yet incredibly intuitive. The book is recommended for anyone aiming at making great espresso drinks.

Scott's comments: "When I began in the coffee business fourteen years ago, I read every book I could find about coffee. After reading all of those books, however, I felt as if I hadn't learned much about how to make great coffee. My coffee library was chock-full of colorful descriptions of brewing styles, growing regions, and recipes, with a few almost-unreadable scientific books mixed in. I would have traded in all of those books for one serious, practical book with relevant information about making great coffee in a café. Fourteen years later, I still haven't found that book. I know many other professionals as well as some obsessive nonprofessionals would like to find that same book I've been looking for. This book is my attempt to give it to them"

Comments by readers:
"Good enough for professionals, easy enough for the home barista!"
"This book is backed by the author's personal experience. It is very well researched and written. The in-depth and focused content, book (design) layout and overall flow are amazingly well-balanced for beginners as well as professionals.If you love coffee, this is a good book for you."

Product information:

Softback       (26.2 cm x 18.6 cm x 1.5 cm)
Size:             99 pages
Language:    English

Weight: 1.00 kg