Tamper Handle "IRON AGE" - black


Tamper handle "IRON AGE" of anodized aluminium - black

The "IRON AGE" will give you a pleasant tamping experience! This elegant black handle of anodized aluminium, turned and polished to luxurious perfection, will please from the first glance as an exceptional product of innovative proportions. Precision, style and smooth handling generate an enhanced sense of unity and harmony.

Made in Germany.

Height:            70 mm
Weight:         162 g


Bases are sold separately, to let you match them to your requirements. The IRON AGE is compatible with all Concept Art / Joe Frex bases, but we recommend the models of the "classic" line (in stainless steel) which are heavier than the standard ones.

Currently available sizes "classic":   53.0mm, 58.0mm and 58.5mm

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Weight: 0.50 kg