Milk Pitcher "EUROPA" 35cl - classic


Milk Pitcher of stainless steel

The MOTTA Europa Pitcher is considered by many to be “the” milk jug. Originally part of a line of drink vessels (the "Europa" line includes pots for coffee and tea) it was further perfected in cooperation with the Italian Barista Association. You will immediately notice that this pitcher is a notch above the rest.

The MOTTA has a unique design with a wider base and narrower top half to help produce outstanding microfoam. The spout is designed to make it easy to pour your steamed milk with perfect control. It is a deeper spout, and not as sharp as some others so it is not so good for more complex designs.

Entirely manufactured at MOTTA’s plant in Omegna in northern Italy, this is a high quality jug that is built to last, with thick walls and a nice weight to it. All MOTTA jugs have the batch number etched into the base.

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Capacity:   35cl

Made in Italy


Weight: 0.60 kg