"GOLDFINGER" 58.55mm TI Sharp Edge - Olive Wood


Tamper with Titanium base and Olive Wood handle

The "Goldfinger" tamper is the highlight in the TORR range. 

The Titanium version is about 40% lighter than with stainless steel, which enables a totally different way to work and a much better feeling for the sharp edges. The handling of the TI G5 Tamper is indeed different from traditional, heavier ones but you will love it.  

Its base is CNC-machined to 58.55mm with a sharp edge for a narrower fit and should ideally be used with a precision basket (VST or IMS). Each tamper is hand finished and polished, resulting in a beautifully crafted piece of engineering.

The handle is made of Olive Wood (several other wood types are available, as well as metals).
From time to time, TORR also produces small batches of exclusive special versions.

You can also personalise your tamper with additional washers in black, gold or stainless steel (sold separately) to change the height or to enhance its look.

Base shape:        Trapeze Flat

Base diameter:   58.55mm

Base material:    Titanium (Grade 5)

Washer:               Black, 3mm (included)

Weight:                approx. 320g

Height:                 95mm

*Since wood is a natural product, each handle can vary in colour or grain. 


Weight: 0.80 kg