Knock Drawer "EXCLUSIVE S"


Knock drawer of stainless steel, polished

A professional-standard knock drawer for commercial or home use.

JOE FREX proposes a range of practical and solid knock drawers in various sizes. Installed underneath a grinder or espresso machine as a firm base they save space, are unobtrusive and an indispensable tool for any bar, restaurant or home barista.

The case is a heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Silicone pads as supports and the damped knock bar reduce unwanted bangs and noises! The knock bar is made of a solid aluminium core and covered with food-grade silicone - it can easily be removed and replaced. The "EXCLUSIVE S" is designed to easily hold weights of 30kg. 

Plastic sliders inside and solid rubber feet add to reduced knockout noise.

Dimensions:     W: 23cm x D: 30cm x H 11cm   (D with handle: 35cm)


Made in Germany

Weight: 7.20 kg