Flip pot coffee maker of aluminium (6 cups)

Historically the "Napoletana" is the oldest coffee maker in Italy, having been invented some 200years ago - and thus pre-dating the Moka pot (invented around 1933), which was to replace the Napoletana almost completely after world war II. This traditional model by ILSA is produced in the original aluminium version.

Also called "Cuccumella" in Naples, it simply exploits the concept of the fall of boiling water on the coffee powder. People still appreciate this type of coffee for both tradition and also for the particular flavour of the coffee, light and suitable for the evening. In fact, an increasing number of experts and coffee-fans have lately returned to this kind of ancient and "out of fashion" method that is actually more gentle to coffee due to the use of gravity and a little slower preparation instead of the very high pressure and temperature of a quicker moka pot; this produces a coffee that is less concentrated but more tasteful.

Heat sources:  Gas, Electricity, Glass-ceramic, Halogen  (NOT suitable for induction)

Weight: 0.80 kg